Flag of Uzbekistan Raised in the Olympic Village of London

The sports delegation of Uzbekistan arrived in the Olympic village in the British capital of London to take part in the 30th summer Olympic Games. The Olympic village, which occupies total area of 40 hectares, consists of 2818 buildings accommodating sports delegations from 205 countries. Canteens, banks, cash machines, cafes, beauty and health centers, fitness house and fun clubs operating round-the-clock are at the disposal of the competition participants. Together with other countries participating in the summer Olympic Games, the state anthem of Uzbekistan was played and the country’s flag was raised in the special site turned into a cultural center for official activities, cultural and solemn events, exhibitions and shows. “Such an exciting event held on the eve of the Olympic Games, encourages all of us to take worthy part in the prestigious competition and justify the confidence of the President and people,” said two-time world boxing champion Abbos Atoyev. “The state emblems symbolize each country’s independence, peace and its people’s bright future. The flag of our country for us, athletes, is a symbol of strength and power, courage and victory. Therefore, we will always struggle to raise it high. It fills our hearts with pride when our flag stands in honor of our victories in the international arenas and sounds the national anthem of our country. All these are thanks to the independence, that’s what we feel in our hearts again and again.” World’s best athletes will compete in more than 30 kinds of sports for 302 medals collection in the 30th summer Olympic Games. As reported earlier, 54 representatives of Uzbekistan who have succeeded in the qualifying competitions in 17 kinds of sports like gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, trampoline, cycling, swimming, athletics, weightlifting, rowing and canoeing, boxing, judo, taekwondo, freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, shooting, fencing and tennis will defend the honor of our Motherland in the Olympic Games. London. UzA special correspondent Zohir Tashkhodjayev reports, photo by Muhammad Amin
Date: 2012-07-26 09:52:29, Viewed: 5014