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Creative Construction in the Interests of Our People

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President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov arrived June 30 in the Kashkadarya Region to review the course of socioeconomic reforms as well as the construction and beautification works undertaken in provinces.

With its economic potential, manufacturing industry and agriculture, Kashkadarya Region is assigned an important place in the development of our country. Owing to the selfless labor of enterprising people, tremendous triumphs are achieved across all the spheres.

The volume of gross regional product has been steadily growing in the province. Around 11 percent of industrial goods of the nation is produced in this part of the country. Goods in demand at the world market are produced at such modern industrial enterprises as Shurtan and Mubarek Gas Chemical Complexes, Dehkanabad Potash Fertilizer Plant.

On the base of major investment project at the Talimarjan Heat Power Station, construction of two combined-cycle plants with a capacity of production of 900 megawatts of electricity per year is in dynamic progress. In accordance with the program that was approved by the resolution of President Islam Karimov on the development program of Kashkadarya Region’s industrial potential for 2013-2016, signed 2 August 2013, implementation of 555 projects totaling 2 billion 98 million dollars is envisaged. To date, more than 440 of them is realized, serving for the development of new types of industrial sectors, for provision of employment and the growth in the wellbeing of population.

As it is the case all around the nation, colossal creative and beautification works are in full swing also in the Kashkadarya Region. The socioeconomic infrastructure has been on the rise, while the appearance of towns and rural areas has been transforming to a great extent.

The administrative center of the region – the city of Karshi – has been progressing of late in all senses. On the occasion of its 2,700th anniversary, the town has become even more magnificent and a more comfortable place to live.

The efforts on this front have been in progress consistently. Wide-ranging measures are realized built on the resolution of the head of our state on the plan of prospective reconstruction of the city of Karshi and the development program of modern road-transportation communications, inked 25 July 2013.

The area of the town per se has been expanding. New bus stations and transportation hubs, contemporary apartment buildings, parks and alleys, public services facilities are being built and erected.

With an aim to improve the road and transport infrastructure, a 56 kilometer-long ring road is being constructed. In places of its intersection with railroad tracks and rivers, 6 modern overpasses and bridges are built. It is important to ensure the purity of air and safety of traffic in the city.

As part of the ring road, crossing the Kashkadarya River, a new bridge with the length of 108 meters, and width of 27 meters is built. The Amir Temur Bridge has been reconstructed.

The President of our country has reviewed these facilities.

During the previous system, when speaking of Kashkadarya people used to imagine of bare steppe. The authorities did not pay essential attention to construction and beautification works. Construction works used to be carried out only for the sake of good report. Yet in the independence years, as a result of the far-sighted and consistent efforts undertaken by us, the city of Karshi has come to be more gracious and a more convenient place to live. That is brightly seen in the example of modern facilities and buildings, bridges such as this one, Islam Karimov said.

The head of our state got familiar with the apartment buildings erected along Uzbekistan Street downtown Karshi.

Earlier, there used to be houses built irregular and inconvenient to live in. They did not correspond with the scales of broad and smooth road.

In accordance with the general plan of the city, modern high-rise apartment buildings were built on this street. On the upper floors of new buildings are comfortable apartments, while the ground floors house trading and consumer services shops.

Facade of the ground floors is decorated with granite, and white marble adorns the upper floors, giving them a unique appearance.

Our compatriots tend to live happily, make the house, the street and the mahalla better, more beautiful and well-maintained. The goal of our creative works is to provide for a safe and prosperous life of the people.

The works carried out to expand the green areas in the streets, squares and alleys of the city of Karshi serve this purpose. The population, particularly women and children, enjoy themselves, relax, and spend leisure time in here.

When working on the master plan for each city, on the construction of buildings and roads, a time span of decades and long term prospects need to be considered. These structures should create a harmonious landscape, and they need to be also fundamental and durable so that they could serve not only the current, but also future generations, Islam Karimov said.

The head of state instructed to continue with the construction and improvement efforts, to create more facilities for recreation and leisure, improve the fountains on the basis of modern technologies.

Anvar Samadov, Ulmas Baratov, photo by Sarvar Urmonov, UzA

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