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Outcomes of Peaceful, Harmonious Life and Cohesion of the People

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As it was reported earlier, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov traveled to the Kashkadarya Region on June 30-July 1 to review the course of socioeconomic reforms as well as the construction and beautification works undertaken in provinces.

During the second day of the visit, the head of our state called in the Kamol Sulton faming enterprise in the Kasbi District.

Kashkadarya farmers have harvested a rich yield of grain this year from 145 thousand hectares of lands. The grain harvesting season is in full swing these days. In one of the best farming enterprises of the district, Kamol Sulton, more than 40 metric centners of yield is collected from each of the 67 hectares of fields.

These important days for grain cultivators and cotton growers, it gives me great pleasure to visit our dedicated and selfless farmers, inquire about the workers of the fields, Islam Karimov said. Their attitude to the land, labor has radically changed, the culture of agriculture has risen, as clearly evidenced by the well-groomed fields, as well as the rich harvest. More than 8 million tons of grain is grown in our country. There is no doubt that gathering a rich harvest is not easy venture. This is the result, first of all, of your painstaking work, along with reforms in agriculture, peace and tranquility in the nation, the unity and cohesion of our people.

In the days of the former system, Kashkadarya Region was a backward province. People were dissatisfied with life, they were suppressed by injustice, they had lost all hope. In the region that supplied gas to the whole republic, only 4 percent of the local population had access to natural gas.

Today, Kashkadarya has evolved into a comprehensively developed region. About 11 percent of the industrial product of our country, as well as most of the grain and cotton is delivered from this very province.

The President of our country emphasized that immense construction and improvement works underway in Karshi and Shahrisabz is the answer to the question “Who were we yesterday, and who are we today?” This circumstance cardinally changes the face of the region, serves to further boost the welfare of the population.

At the initiative of the head of our state, the city of Karshi has been expanding in area. New bus stations and transportation hubs, contemporary apartment buildings, parks and alleys, public services facilities are being built and erected. Even more favorable conditions and opportunities for recreation of people are created.

In Shahrisabz also wide-ranging construction and improvement works are in progress. The square adjacent to the Oqsaroy complex has been extended, while a shaded walkway is being laid connecting the Chorsu market and historical monuments Kukgumbaz. In order to further enhance the tourism potential of the city, a 129-kilometer modern road is being laid leading to Karshi.

Kashkadarya is a land that nurtured the great Sahibkiran Amir Temur. It is home to the descendants of this outstanding personality – people with a sense of pride and dignity, steadfast and courageous, noble and generous in soul, Islam Karimov stressed.

Our President inquired into the working conditions and opportunities for labor and leisure created for farmers and their families. It was underscored that owing to the peace and tranquility prevalent in our country, the far-sighted and wise policy of successive reforms, the standards and quality of life of our people have been rising steadily.

The head of our state also focused on issues pertinent to achieving high productivity of cotton yields. Islam Karimov stressed the need to enhance the creation of high-yielding varieties that would suit the soil and climatic conditions of Kashkadarya.

A number of heads of farming enterprises of the region, chiefs of local branches of national foundations and trade unions, officials of local self-government bodies and others noted that the results of the wide-ranging reforms spearheaded under the leadership of the President of our country are manifest in every sphere, and the standards and quality of life of our compatriots have been rising, as has the international standing of Uzbekistan.

Islam Karimov also visited the fields of the Pudina Massivi farming enterprise in Kasan District.

In this farm, grain has been cultivated on more than 31 hectares of land, and 40 metric centners of yield has been harvested from each hectare.

From the first years of independence, we paid special attention to the development of farmers’ movement, and life itself has affirmed today how apt that decision was. Farmers have become a powerful force who serves to ensure abundance and improve the quality of life. However, it is impossible to achieve high welfare only by grain and cotton growing. It is necessary to endow more freedom to farmers to consistently develop diversified farms, the President of our country suggested.

Human beings are created for happiness. This idea has become a noble appeal to our people who are enquiring into meaning of life anew and changing their outlook. Btween the current generation and the people of the 1980s there is huge difference like between heaven and earth.

In the rating of countries with the fastest growing economies, published by the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, Uzbekistan is ranked fifth. These high successes, achieved thanks to the selfless efforts of our people and the consistent large-scale reforms, each of us can be proud of, and live with our heads held high, Islam Karimov said.

Meetings and discussions during President Islam Karimov’s visit to Kashkadarya Region, the thoughts and opinions expressed have once again demonstrated that wide-ranging reforms undertaken in the nation have been yielding good results, serving the development of the country and the steady growth in the prosperity of our people.

Anvar Samadov, Ulmas Baratov, UzA

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