If entrepreneurs become rich the state will also be rich

If entrepreneurs become rich the state will also be richPresident of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has inspected many projects directed towards creating new jobs and raising the population’s wellbeing, as part of a visit to Bukhara Region. 

The Head of State visited the Bukhara Brilliant Silk Uzbek-Chinese joint venture in the town of Bukhara. 

This joint venture was established in 2010. It is equipped with modern technologies, and it processes silk cocoons and produces fabrics of various colours and sizes. Demand on the market and customers’ requirements are taken into account here. Now many fabrics such as “Spring”, “Rain” and “Stars” are produced here. These are of unique quality and do not fade even if exposed to water and rays of sunlight. 

These products are being supplied to customers in Farghona, Samarqand and Khorazm Regions and the city of Tashkent. Negotiations are being held with the joint venture’s foreign partners on products’ export. 

Today there is demand abroad for silk fibres of the Bukhara Brilliant Silk joint venture. Last year, this enterprise exported 2.5 million dollars worth of products to Iran, Vietnam, Turkey and India. 

The President said that the number of such enterprises should be raised and that it was necessary to improve the system of training qualified specialists for these enterprises. 

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev examined the Indorama Indust Ltd Uzbek-Singaporean joint venture project to be implemented by the Ozbekyengilsanoat joint-stock company at the former Bukhoroteks JSC. Once this enterprise which specializes in processing cotton fibre produced in Bukhara Region comes into operation, nearly 400 jobs will be created. The installation of modern energy-saving technologies made in Switzerland are envisaged here. 

Today modern cotton-processing enterprises are being established in all towns and districts of the country. This expands possibilities to process locally produced cotton fibre right here, to produce manufactured goods and to create new jobs. 

The President also inspected the 2017-2018 programme drawn up by the Ozbekyengilsanoat joint-stock company to process cotton fibre in Bukhara Region. 

Today 20.6 per cent of the cotton fibre produced in Bukhara Region is processed industrially in the territory of the region. Under a new project being drawn up here, 13 big industrial facilities will be built in 7 towns and districts of the region. This will make it possible to process 65 per cent of the cotton fibre produced in the region. And as a result nearly 5,000 jobs will be created. 

Funds of the country’s commercial banks and foreign investment are to be attracted for the implementation of this project. 

A presentation of a new project of creation of mulberry plantations through the effective use of land also took place. On the world market, demand is high for silk fibre produced in this country. 

The Head of State gave instructions to further develop this sphere and to create more mulberry plantations. 

Looking at a project of putting into operation the Bukhoro cotton textile enterprise in the town of Bukhara, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev said that the sale of cotton in the form of fibre would not bring in much profit and that it was necessary to process cotton fibre and to produce more manufactured goods for export. 

1,000 new jobs are to be created at this enterprise, and 6,500 tonnes of yarn, 10,000 square metres of cloth (denim) and 1.5 million garments will be produced here. 

Detailed information was also presented about creating in the town of Bukhara a cotton-textile cluster incorporating processes ranging from the production of cotton to the manufacturing of textile products, about the Merganteks LLC in Olot District and about a multi-functional enterprise specialising in yarn production in Peshku District. 



Abu Bakir Orozov, photo by Alo Abdullayev, UzA 

Date: 2017-03-11 09:52:29, Viewed: 5929