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Қорақалпоғистон Республикаси Вазирлар Кенгашининг янги расмий веб-сайтига ўтиш.

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The regional government of the State Committee for Communication, Informatization and Telecommunication Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The main objectives of territorial management are:

  • Analysis of the implementation at the territorial level programs on development of communication, information and communications technology regions, implementation of the licensing agreements, the use of radio spectrum, as well as the requirements of information and email security;
  • Coordination of work on the creation, development and use of government information resources, databases and information systems in public authorities in the field;
  • To coordinate the implementation and monitoring of the implementation of measures in government agencies in the field through the formation and development of the National Information Systems and Platforms "Electronic Government";
  • Carrying out a complex system analysis and development of measures to improve the efficiency of implementation and use of information systems and online public services in public authorities in the field;
  • Ensure coordination and assistance for the development of domestic production of high-quality, competitive software products, the future development of the domestic market production services for the implementation of software, information systems and information resources;
  • Coordination of the introduction of modern automated systems and software in enterprises and organizations of regional importance in order to ensure the automation of production and business processes, including production management, goods and services, storage facilities, resource planning, interaction with customers and suppliers, accounting, technical equipment maintenance, quality control and personnel management, etc.

Kolanov Kurmangali Moldagalievich


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