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Creating a network of qualified trainers in public sector of Karakalpakstan

On 10-14 September, 2012, a group of 15 trainers composed of government officials and community activists completed a comprehensive 5-day training course on “Methodology of adult education: interactive methods and technology to conduct trainings and seminars”. The course was organized within the framework of the UN Joint Programme “Sustaining livelihoods affected by the Aral Sea disaster” implemented jointly by five UN agencies in Uzbekistan, including UNDP, UNESCO, UNFPA, WHO and UNV in cooperation with the Government of Uzbekistan and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. The Joint Programme is financed by the UN Human Security Trust Fund.  In order to facilitate an effective policy-making process and resolution of the consequences of the environmental crisis the UN Joint Programme started capacity-building of the representatives of public sector of Karakalpakstan including regional administrative body (khokimyats) of the three target districts – Muynak, Shumanay and Kanlikul. Within the framework of this initiative, 15 candidate trainers were selected to deliver series of capacity-building activities for the public sector of Karakalpakstan in the nearest future. The given training course represented the first phase of a comprehensive training program designed to provide the trainers with the knowledge and skills needed to work with adult students. Particularly, the trainers received in-depth information on the learning process and discussed the characteristics of a successful instructor. The participants also learned motivation, cognitive styles, communication models as well as various presentation techniques. A specific attention was given to giving a hands-on experience to the participants through development of individual curricula, and facilitation of video-workshops. It should be stressed that as a result of this training course the participants obtained crucial knowledge and skills necessary in teaching adult students, since the trainers will be delivering capacity-building courses for government officials on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Result-based management (RBM), monitoring and evaluation, and other topics within the framework of the UN Joint Programme. For more information, please, contact: Zakiya Abdurazakova – PR Specialist 1 Y. Gulamov str, Tashkent, 100000, Uzbekistan Tel: (+998 71) 232-20-91,  (+998 71) 232-20-92 56 Ernazar Alakoz Street, Nukus, Karakalpakstan Tel: (+998 61) 224-13-81, fax: (+998 61) 224-16-35 E-mail:

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