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Hodjeli region. Mizdakhan. Archaeological and architectural complex. 4th century B.C. – 14th century A.D.

A Settlement with an area of 500x350 meters. It is a rectangular in form and surrounded by walls, preserved in the form of a shaft that reach a height of 8-9 meters. At the corner stands a three-towered castle. The city was divided into two parts with the main street leading to the gates, on both sides of which were located neighborhoods (mostly of handicraftsmen). One of the neighborhoods was occupied by the temple buildings.

In one of the city’s buildings a bracelet horn of a sheep-argali decorated with gilded bronze was found , around which a number of items, glass vessels, jewelry, pieces of alabaster sculptures and numerous murals in the form of dancing fantastic masks were lying on the floor. In the hall there was found figures of warriors. In the Hall of Kings there were sculptural images of kings made of clay.

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